Antheraea pernyi

  • Hi guys, Anyone knows if A.pernyi eat downy oak ( Q.pubescens)?

    In the book i used ( A guide to breeding tropical silk moth by Meister) it's not mentioned, but i noticed that they accept it.

    Another question is about their life in wild, what's their natural distribution?
    I saw so many observation on iNaturalist of them, but i'm not sure that they're really 100% A.pernyi.
    I also saw that they are introduced in Balears.

  • I don't know about their life in the wild, but I do know that the food plants different moths accept aren't always listed,
    there's just too many to test. I raised Periphoba this season on eucalytpus and it's not mentioned, and wasn't known by the breeder
    either, conversely. I've seen pics of Rhodinia fugax on ceanothus, and mine wouldn't touch it. That's just two examples.
    I'm sure there will never be a fully accurate and comprehensive list of food plants.

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