The same old troubles

  • Hi,

    I have been on a trip lately and trying to catch many Lepidoptera species to bring back and breed. Today, however, as usual death was no stranger. I lost about 12+ specimens today that will probably not see for awhile. I’ve tried literally everything. Sometimes they do well, other times the species only live 12 hours. I have had many troubles with swallowtails and fritillaries lately. Either the afternoon or night they become very hyperactive and die. Even butterflies that I have raised are dying. My enthusiasm for this hobby I have loved so long is starting to wither. Somehow the weird behavior I have no one else has had. This has happened this year and many years prior. X/

    I am losing hope.

  • your two posts- I think Hemilucae (spelling) overwinter as ova, so it's possible the larva are looking to pupate for later emergence

    this season, also, if they are still feeding, you might have trouble switching foodplant.

    Everyone has problems now and then. i haven't been able to go out overnight because of family issues since 2018,

    I did manage a short trip over the last holiday, and because of the wildfires last fall, both my usual productive

    areas were either closed, or devoid of life, except for micro moths and mosquitos.

    Keep at it, I just finished up a brood of 130 Actias dubernardi, and that was tying me down a bit, the weather is

    changing now, and I'm going to try some of the local mountains next week, and when I get my new UV setup,

    I'll look for somewhere to go again, with some better planning.

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