New helpful website for breeding and keeping Lepidoptera

  • Saturn : Good point!

    It is nice when people try to create new web sites, as long as they can provide a different or better service.

    luna moth : Think! What is missing from all current online services? Identify a few of those and create your own service to fill in the void. Advertising on ACTIAS about a new site, which does the same as ACTIAS at a smaller scale, doesn't seem very intelligent. You have to come up with something original. At least you could say it's supposed to be for "US users only" or something. Otherwise people already on ACTIAS won't think it worth the effort to check your version, since they are here already.

    A few examples of nonexisting (to my knowledge) services:

    - Acorn provider: Sell 5 acorns for either $25 or 100 fresh acorns from the buyer. Such a service will fill up your own stock with more acorns from around the world. Doesn't have to be about acorns either.

    - Cyclops identification Aid: Specialize in a much overlooked group. Either request collected samples or photo contributions from viewers. Create something like a "key to species of the world". Could be almost any invertabrate group, as long as it's well defined and not too big.

    - Entomological methods base: What do we know about insects and how do we know it. Find out what methods have been used in scientific studies and create a site where amateurs can get ideas on how to investigate.

    - Biological Equipment Agency: Let manufacturers of items suitable for biological studies (eg. insect pins, nets, microscopes, UV-lams, cabinets etc.) enlist on your site in order to be contacted by retailers around the world.

    - Livestock Shopping Lane: This is similar, but not the same as ACTIAS. Not every breeder know how to make a website (though it is quite easy nowdays). Let others set up and manage their own shop on your site. You only provide the framework and CMS. Also let customers rate shops they've bought from or communicated with.

    These are just a few I came up with right now. And I could say a lot more about each. I would have used all but the last had they existed. I'm sure you can find one which is more aligned with your own interests.

  • aven


    Thank you for the feedback! I don’t think my website is the same by any means, however. Actias is a forum for people to sell things and submit breeding reports. My website has a forum, but it’s geared to a forum website. My website is more geared to providing information about Lepidoptera in general while also providing information about the species in areas. I do think there is a little crossover, but so are on other websites, right?

  • Good luck! I support creativity and people creating their own projects..

    That being said, butterflies and moths seem (superficially) very populair. However, it is very though to recieve a large amount of readers on your website. It seems that despite the fact that people enjoy their colours and shapes, not many people are willing to learn about them or Google species in order to understand the biology sadly.

    The hard truth is: it seems to be a very obscure interest with a small public. Don't let that discourage you however.

    I made a small website, and it took me over 7 years and hundreds of pages(!) before I even had a (small) consistent base of readers and viewers.

    I guess the most important thing is to do it because you enjoy writing about it, not just for the traffick :smiling_face: if its fun people will visit eventually!