Lemonia taraxaci mating problems

  • In the past week some of my Lemonia taraxaci pupae hatched. I tried to obtain a natural copula in a 35x35x35cm cage with fine netting with the first adults, but without any success. The females were restlessly crawling around in the top of the cage. I then tried to make a hand-pairing. The males easily grabbed the females , but the females were so agile that each time they got detached too early. Yesterday some new adults emerged. I put them in a large plant pot covered with netting and some sand with twigs in the bottom. Last night the females were hanging on to the twigs and calling, but this time the males were continously trying to find a way out of the pot and they never came close to the females.

    Has anyone ever obtained a copula of a Lemonia species in captivity? I am very interested if in any information that can help me. By the way, I know I can also release some males outside at dusk and try to re-attract them with a female, but I have so few specimens that I find this a bit too risky.

    Regards, Klaas

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  • No help needed anmore. Last night I kept 2 females and 2 males in a 60x35x35 cm cage, outside at 12 degrees Celsius. It was their second night. The moths were resting on some twigs that were put straight up in some boxes of sand. At 24:00h they hadn't moved yet. This morning the females were dead and they had laid all their eggs. I'm quite sure they must have mated, because earlier females died after 48-60 hours without laying a single egg.

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