LED based moth light

  • I have been doing a significant amount of research on this topic and actually have developed a few prototypes of a moth light using LEDs instead on MV(Mercury Vapor) or other lights with a high UV index. The main problem with these lights are the power consumption. They often need a mains power supply or a large bulky battery which makes them inefficient for field collecting. Thats why I bring up the use of LEDs, not only do they have a very low power consumption they also make way to a very light portable light that can be powered off of a single portable power supply rather than a mains or bulky battery. I then started researching LED moth lights. I came up with the Gemlight, Lepiled and entoled. But these lights range from $200-$600. They all use 2-4 UV LEDS that use a spectrum of 365-375nm Most moths are attracted to this spectrum so I decided I could build a LED light for a lot less than $200. I ordered all the parts and I started to put it together. My light uses 3 UV LEDS with a spectrum of 355-410nm then a green along with a blue just to match the overall spectrum some insects and moths are attracted too.The total cost set me back around $30, though I was able to make around 5 of these lights. They operate on both a built in power supply thats rechargeable. I ran them for a couple of nights and was in complete surprise at how well they worked, not only did the light itself keep cool, it also attracted quite alot of moths as well as insects. I will continue into the research and hopefully will be able to make a cheap and portable moth light that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to buy. Id love to get some feedback as well as pointers on how to develop this further.

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  • Beispiel für sehr gute Leuchtausrüstung - Kombination - für 220 Volt und12 Volt
    example for very good Night-equipment -combinaton - 220 V and 12 Volt:

    Omnilux Schwarzlicht LED E 27 230 V - 5 Watt (12 Euro)
    - 27 Watt (50 Euro)

    Wiederaufladbarer Lithium Batterie z.B. 10 ah (Grondado 36 Euro) oderAutobatterie-Anschluß

    Voltkraft-Wandler MSW 150-12-G (22 Euro)

    Standartkabel und Standartlampenfassung (5 Euro)

    Komplette Anlage für Zuhause/Hotel und fürs Gelände zwischen 60 und 120 Euro.
    Leicht und für FLUGREISEN erlaubt (max. 3 Akkus mit max. je 10 Ah-nur im Handgepäck)

    Augenfreundlich, da keine Power-LED.

    Viel Spaß
    euer Policeman

  • Hi,

    The Dutch Butterfly Association has started developing and distributing a type of moth trap using 395 nm UV Led-strips. They call it the 'LedBucket' (it's a big bucket with a funnel on top) and it's powered with a small powerbank. This new type of trap is now deployed by volunteers to monitor moth-trends on a larger (and cheaper), nationwide scale.
    The Led-strips used cost no more than €1,- when bought from a Chinese webstore like AliExpress.

    I have also developed my own types of budget moth traps using these lights. My traps (see attached picture for one example) are very lightweight and completely foldable (except for the lamp, battery and egg boxes of course). I use them when traveling or when I'm in places where catching with a very bright MV-lamp and noisy generator is inconvenient.
    Of course, the number of caught moths is not as high when compared to a trap with a powerful lamp or an actual blacklight. But it still does the job very well! The other attached pic shows Endromis versicolora attracted with a UV Led-strip on one of my tree hanging traps. One other time I caught four different species of Spinghidae using this type of light in one night (which is a good number around here)! Different color leds can be used to complete the 'moth-attracting spectrum', but needless to say, I am very contented with just UV-leds :)

    Best regards,

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