Actias Rhodopneuma on continus coggygria ???

  • Hello there

    I maybe am worrying too soon but I have some Actias rhodopneuma that hatched this morning . I was wanting to feed them on continus coggygria as I read this was suitable and I have it in my own garden so have a good supply . Only the larvae don’t seem to be showing any signs of eating it and they are doing a lot of roaming about instead of setting down to feed so I was worried they just don’t want to eat this and maybe I need to go and find some liquidambar instead ?!? Does anyone else have any experience of feeding these on continus coggygria? It’s the first time I’ve had this species so maybe it’s that they do walk around a lot before settling down to feed ? Any info would be fantastic :). They have only hatched in the last few hours so excuse me if I’m worrying too much , I just want to be doing the right thing



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  • Hi

    I have recently raised 20 A.rhodopneuma exclusively on Cotinus. It worked very well for me. Caterpillars hatched 13.June, first cocoon on 12.July, and first two male moths emerged a week ago at the end of August.

    Sometimes the caterpillars need a day or two to start feeding.

    By the way, green or red type Cotinus is irrelevant. I fed both color varieties, the caterpillars didn’t care either way.

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