Sphinx ligustri-Please help ASAP!

  • Hello all,

    I am trying to feed my Sphinx ligustri but they refuse to eat. I have tried at random times of the day as well as during nighttime with a sim light turned on.

    I have tried with sugar and water solution and maple syrup and water solution.

    My oldest moth is now on its 5 day old mark, flew every day and it’s on its death door.

    Please help me ASAP

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  • Hello Thomas,

    I have also had trouble with feeding them. Your moth is using up its energy and like you said, on death’s door. I would not recommend maple syrup but I could be wrong. That sounds dangerous for Lepidoptera. You can bring a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. I would try unrolling it’s proboscis and literally force it to feed. I have had to do this with some butterflies. There isn’t much you can do but I hope this helps!


  • Hi Thomas,

    I had made a film about the procedure how I feed my sphingidae imagos without exercising any compulsion.

    The female in these film is "a new one" and had done it for the first time, so it doesn't work really. And she was not hungry enough.

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    But with this technic I'm feeding all my imagos of sphingidae and it works really good. And you can see concrete if they will feed.

    Naturally there are anytime individuals which refuse. But most of them doing well.

    good luck


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